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Antioxidant mechanism of lipoic acid

1.1 direct scavenging of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and reactive nitrogen (RNs)

The results show that lipoic acid can scavenge hydroxyl radical, hypochlorite and peroxynitrite,Acid salt, singlet oxygen, nitric oxide and so on, but can not remove superoxide anion and hydroperoxy group;DHLA can scavenge other free radicals except singlet oxygen. La and DHLA are
The mutual transformation and coordination in organism can give full play to the high-efficiency antioxidant effect.

1.2 chelating metal ions

Transition metals, such as iron, copper, mercury and cadmium, can catalyze peroxidation in biological systems,Hydrogen (H2O2) decomposition to reduce free radical damage to the body. But the result is Hydroxyl radical (· oh) with stronger oxidation effect [3]. Some studies have shown that LA can be chelated by chelating Cu2 + can reduce ascorbic acid oxidation and lipid peroxidation induced by Cu2 +. In vitro culture La can reduce the toxicity of hepatocytes by chelating Cd2 +
It is related to the conversion of La into DHLA in vivo. La can not chelate Fe 3 +, but DHLA,It can not only chelate Cd2 +, C02 +, Ni2 +, Cu2 +, Zn2 +, Pb2 + plasma, but also chelate Fe3 +, Fe2 +, and reduce Fe3 + to Fe2 +.

1.3 regeneration of other endogenous antioxidants

Busse [4] et al The content of GSH in the cells increased with the addition of La 30% - 70%, and the increased amount will increase with the increase of the added dose A similar effect can be found by injection of La. DHLA can reduce and regenerate VC and La Can promote the absorption of glucose, enhance the synthesis of VC in the body, both can Improve the level of VC in vivo. DHLA can also regenerate coenzymes Q, GSH, VC, etc Antioxidants such as NADPH or NADH were used to regenerate ve and the protective film was oxidized.

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