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Mingya Trading PTE.L

Mingya Trading PTE.L


Mingya Trading PTE.L
About Us
Mingya Trading PTE LTD trade is a modern chemical enterprise specializing in the production and sales of chemical solvents chemical additives pharmaceutical intermediates API and other products Over the past 12 years since its establishment the company adheres to the business policy of honest management rigorous and pragmatic and considerate service and insists on providing customers with the best quality products and services It has won the high recognition and trust of hundreds of customers at home and abroad and has established a long term and close cooperative relationship Mingya trading Private Limited is a modern chemical enterprise specializing in the production and sale of chemical...

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APIvitaminmedicineRaw DrugVet Drugsantibiotic183322-17-0Cas 79 00 5Florfenicol148411-57-8Alkaline DyeIron DextranCas 516 12 11192491-61-4Cas 627-30-5Cas 541 15 1Silicone OilCas 1077 28 7Food AdditiveCas 1141 38 4CAS NO 64-73-3CAS NO 79-00-5High Quality 2CAS NO 50-78-2Cas 24937-79-9CAS NO 68-19-9CAS NO 57-67-0CAS NO 59-92-7CAS NO 75-35-4CAS NO 64-75-5CAS NO 75-01-4Cas 21829 25 4Cas 89604-92-2CAS NO 53-86-1CAS NO 68-89-3CAS NO 50-81-7Storage methodFine Chemicalssynthetic dyesCAS NO 79-57-2CAS NO 54-35-3CAS NO 69-53-4Cas 68917 18 0Cas 73231 34 2CAS NO 59-05-2DL-Lipoic acidCAS NO 627-30-5Cas 144690 33 5CAS NO 108-87-2Cas 898543-06-1CAS NO 541-15-1CAS NO 619-86-3CAS NO 108-94-1CAS NO 100-63-0Tulathromycin BCAS NO 501-94-0Flunarizine HclCAS NO 547-32-0CAS NO 505-66-8541-15-1 CAS NOCAS NO 624-49-7CAS 500011-92-7CAS NO 605-70-9CAS NO 113-98-4Florfenicol CasCAS NO 123-06-8CAS NO 516-12-1CAS NO 443-48-1CAS NO 109-01-3CAS NO 103-90-2CAS NO 110-82-7Trimethyl BorateTo Stop DiarrheaCAS NO 2107-69-9CAS NO 1115-70-4CAS NO 7704-67-8CAS NO 2538-50-3CAS NO 1592-12-7Dye IntermediateCAS NO 3717-88-2CAS NO 1981-58-4CAS NO 1141-38-4Organic SolventsVeterinary DrugsChemical SolventVet Drugs OnlineCAS NO 2058-46-0Enzyme InhibitorCAS NO 1405-20-5Ethyl 41443-60-1CAS NO 3810-74-0CAS NO 1405-41-0Cas No 9004-66-4α - lipoic acidLevodopa 59-92-7CAS NO 7646-69-7Lose Weight DrugAqueous SolutionCAS NO 1405-10-3CAS NO 1077-28-7CAS NO 99200-09-6CAS NO 80382-23-6CAS NO 89604-92-2CAS NO 21829-25-4Chemical ProductsCAS NO 66722-44-9CAS NO 13189-98-5CAS NO 26787-78-0Fuel IntermediateCAS NO 56238-63-2CAS NO 30484-77-6CAS NO 27164-46-1CAS NO 80082-65-1CAS NO 64485-93-4CAS NO 70694-72-3CAS NO 10592-13-9CAS NO 51146-56-6CAS NO 83905-01-5CAS NO 14769-73-4CAS NO 24937-79-9CAS NO 29122-68-7Loxoprofen SodiumCAS NO 42461-84-7CAS NO 88150-42-9Vildagliptin DrugCAS NO 55112-42-0CAS NO 84057-84-1CAS NO 74610-55-2CAS NO 51481-61-9MethylcyclohexaneCAS NO 43200-81-3CAS NO 82248-59-7CAS NO 66215-27-8CAS NO 41194-16-5CAS NO 56180-94-0CAS NO 93106-60-6CAS NO 81103-11-9CAS NO 24279-39-8CAS NO 41372-02-5CAS NO 55297-96-6CAS NO 73573-88-3CAS NO 75330-75-5CAS NO 81110-73-8CAS NO 10472-24-9CAS NO 71751-41-2CAS NO 24280-93-1CAS NO 35480-52-5CAS NO 41100-52-1CAS NO 73231-34-2CAS NO 27918-19-0CAS NO 42142-52-9CAS NO 41443-60-1CAS NO 68767-14-6CAS NO 83512-85-0CAS NO 55268-74-1CAS NO 17852-52-7CAS NO 54965-21-8CAS NO 86393-32-0CAS NO 15687-27-1CAS NO 97867-33-9CAS NO 19171-19-8CAS NO 70024-40-7CAS NO 29094-61-9Used As a SolventCAS NO 76784-40-2CAS NO 55661-38-6CAS NO 63148-62-9Cas No 114772 38 2Chemical Catalysts189028-93-1 CAS NOChemical InhibitorAntibacterial DrugCas No 151096-09-2Chemical RetardantCas No 103129-82-4Cas No 125971-95-1CAS NO 586966-54-3CAS NO 269055-15-4CAS NO 114772-53-1CAS NO 148411-57-8CAS NO 848645-86-3CAS NO 137862-53-4CAS NO 274901-16-5CAS NO 207557-35-5CAS NO 151767-02-1CAS NO 379270-37-8CAS NO 124750-99-8CAS NO 120511-73-1CAS NO 138530-94-6CAS NO 138199-71-0CAS NO 183322-17-0CAS NO 144060-53-7CAS NO 417716-92-8CAS NO 188627-80-7CAS NO 446292-08-6CAS NO 192725-17-0CAS NO 103060-53-3CAS NO 160969-03-9CAS NO 100643-71-8CAS NO 147489-06-3CAS NO 141109-19-5CAS NO 461432-26-8CAS NO 191732-72-6CAS NO 135575-42-7CAS NO 139481-59-7CAS NO 169590-42-5CAS NO 186826-86-8CAS NO 144690-92-6CAS NO 898543-06-1CAS NO 144689-63-4CAS NO 851443-04-4CAS NO 144701-48-4CAS NO 104010-37-9CAS NO 177036-94-1CAS NO 171599-83-0CAS NO 189028-93-1CAS NO 171228-49-2CAS NO 177325-13-2CAS NO 125995-13-3CAS NO 183321-74-6CAS NO 145040-37-5CAS NO 143491-57-0CAS NO 144690-33-5CAS NO 274693-27-5CAS NO 111128-12-2CAS NO 112809-51-5Low Price AcarboseCAS NO 114772-38-2CAS NO 179324-69-7CAS NO 110119-84-1CAS NO 104376-79-6CAS NO 152628-03-0CAS NO 500011-92-7CAS NO 152628-02-9CAS NO 280755-12-6CAS NO 144689-78-1CAS NO 239463-85-5CAS NO 181289-33-8CAS NO 446292-07-5CAS NO 242478-38-2CAS NO 138402-11-6CAS NO 171596-29-5CAS NO 366789-02-8Intermediate PharmaSolvent ExtractantsCAS NO 1377049-84-7CAS NO 1192491-61-4Aspirin CAS 50-78-2CAS NO 1252018-10-2High purity AspirinEssence and PerfumeIndometacin 53-86-1vinylidene chloridePolymyxin B Sulfate1192491-61-4 CAS NOAlkaline Liquid DyesOlmesartan MedoxomilChemical AuxiliariesIndustrial ChemicalsLow Price Fudosteinetypes of antibioticsHigh Purity 123-06-8L-Carnitine 541-15-1Levodopa CAS 59-92-7Pharma IntermediatesSolifenacin SuccinateMethylcyclohexane CasUsed As a RefrigerantSide Chain of Ciloxin76784-40-2 Purity 99%High Quality AtenololCandesartan CilexetilTo Stop Diarrhea Drug3- Dioxane-4- AcetateCosmetic Raw MaterialHigh Content LevodopaAPI CAS NO 73573-88-3Vitamin B12 200-680-0Medicine MoxifloxacinCommon Food Additives4- Ethoxybenzoic AcidChemical Raw MaterialAcid Aqueous SolutionAnalgesic AntipyreticWater Treatment AgentEszoplicone IMpurity Betravirine 269055-15-4High Purity TinidazoleCarboxymethyl ChitosanHigh Purity DaptomycinAmpicillin CAS 69-53-4Pesticide IntermediateTop Quality TicagrelorAntihypertensive DrugsChemical Alkaline DyesHigh Quality TadalafilTelmisartan Impurity 2Dyes And IntermediatesGood Price CAS 59-92-7High Quality LetrozoleHCV Protein InhibitorsCosmetic Raw MaterialsHigh Quality ErlotinibHigh Purity LovastatinNatural Food AdditivesAntibacterial MedicineFine Chemical ProductsHigh Quality GlipizideHigh Quality InhibitorAspirin CAS NO 50-78-2Raw Chemical MaterialsSupply Pneumocandin B0Chitosan HydrochlorideCAS 59-92-7 Was 99.56%Detergent Raw MaterialsNifedipine is a Blockerantibiotic intermediateHigh Quality 42142-52-9High Quality SofosbuvirErlotinib HydrochlorideAPI Oxytetracycline HClHigh Quality Fudosteineantioxidant CAS 50-81-7Racecadotril 81110-73-8Mixed Enzyme InhibitionFlavoxate HydrochlorideAzithromycin 83905-01-5Antioxidant Lipoic AcidHigh Quality LoxoprofenAntibiotics CAS 54-35-3Low Price CAS 5308-25-8Indometacin CAS 53-86-1Vitamin B12 CAS 68-19-9Common Veterinary DrugsSilicone oil 63148-62-9Chemical Food AdditivesHigh Quality Avermectindrug intermediates listAcarbose CAS 56180-94-0Production of PVC ResinFine Chemical CompaniesHigh Quality 17852-52-7High Quality BortezomibHigh Purity CAS 79-57-2Antibiotics CAS 79-57-2High Quality NifedipineHigh Quality LenvatinibAtenolol CAS 29122-68-7Anti Inflammatory DrugsAntihypertensive AgentsHigh Quality OlmesartanHigh Quality IrbesartanDrug Substance in StockDL-Lipoic acid 1077-28-7Intermediate of Flucanilphenylhydrazine 100-63-0High Quality AmoxicillinHigh Quality 181289-33-8Chitosan OligosaccharideSodium Hydride 7646-69-7Nebivolol CAS 99200-09-6Glipizide CAS 29094-61-9Chemical Flame RetardantHigh Quality RivaroxabanHigh Quality L-CarnitineHigh Quality FlorfenicolFire Retardant ChemicalsFine Chemical IndustriesLose Fat And Lose WeightIbuprofen CAS 15687-27-1Cyclohexane CAS 110-82-7WST-8 CAS NO 193149-74-5L-Carnitine CAS 541-15-1High Quality 160969-03-9CAS 41443-60-1 1070-64-0Low Price CAS 80214-83-1Price Inquiry DaptomycinAqueous Solution MeaningChemical Organic ReagentPurity 99% CAS 9004-66-4Rosuvastatin Ethyl EsterLow Price CAS 280755-12-6Antibacterial For AnimalsCelecoxib CAS 169590-42-5Cyromazine CAS 66215-27-8High Quality VildagliptinFactory Outlet FebuxostatNifedipine CAS 21829-25-4Biochemical Raw MaterialsMevastatin CAS 73573-88-3Valsartan CAS 137862-53-4High Quality AzithromycinPharma Intermediates ListBisoprolol CAS 66722-44-9High Quality MFCD05864420EINECS 210-094-7 605-70-9High Purity LevamlodipineHigh Quality CAS 624-49-7Zopiclone InterMediate IILow Price CAS 171599-83-0High Quality MFCD00012582Antiviral drugs LopinavirHigh Quality RacecadotrilEzetimibe Intermediate- 5Biochemical Reagent WST-8Ampicillin CAS NO 69-53-4Lovastatin CAS 75330-75-5Loxoprofen CAS 68767-14-6Antibiotics RoxithromycinMacrolide Drugs 7704-67-8High-Purity A-Lipoic AcidAnti Oxidant HypoglycemicQuick results CAS 68-89-3Genuine Sales L-CarnitineErlotinib Intermediate IVHigh Quality CAS 121-43-7High quality API AcarbosePurity 99% CAS 24279-39-8Used As Leather DegreaserHigh Quality Iron-dextranTetracyclines CAS 64-75-5High Quality PomalidomideFactory Supply AmlodipineAmlodipine CAS 88150-42-9Letrozole CAS 112809-51-5High Quality LenalidomideTadalafil CAS 171596-29-5Plant Extracts AvermectinErlotinib CAS 183321-74-6Flame Retardant AdditivesDye Intermediates MeaningChemical Dye IntermediateRitonavir CAS 155213-67-5High Quality PosaconazoleLopinavir CAS 192725-17-0High Quality DapagliflozinIrbesartan CAS 138402-11-6High efficiency IrbesartanAnti infection CAS 54-35-3Fenflumizol CAS 68917-18-0High Quality CAS 3810-74-0Anti Inflammatory MedicineVitamin B12 CAS NO 68-19-9Olmesartan CAS 144689-78-1Sacubitril CAS 936623-90-4Lamotrigine CAS 84057-84-1Drugs for Digestive SystemAtenolol CAS NO 29122-68-7Lenvatinib CAS 417716-92-8Metronidazole CAS 443-48-1Factory Sales MoxifloxacinHigh Quality LevamlodipineFactory Sales MFCD01074875Main Intermediate of NylonCyclohexanone CAS 108-94-1Florfenicol CVP 73231-34-2Antibiotics CAS 41194-16-5Sulfaguanidine CAS 57-67-0Rivaroxaban Intermediate 2Amoxicillin CAS 26787-78-0Ticagrelor CAS 274693-27-5High Quality CAS 1077-28-7Rivaroxaban Intermediate BHigh- Quality 1252018-10-2Calcium Blocker AmlodipineFebuxostat CAS 144060-53-7DL-a-Lipoic Acid 1077-28-7N-Iodosuccinimide 516-12-1Acarbose CAS NO 56180-94-0Chemical Enzyme Inhibition5.6- Dimethoxy-1- IndanoneDaptomycin CAS 103060-53-3Price details MethotrexateCiprobay CAS NO 86393-32-0Methylcyclohexane 108-87-2Price Discount Of ApixabanAlbendazole CAS 54965-21-8Florfenicol CAS 73231-34-2High Quality CAS 2058-46-0Tetramisole CAS 14769-73-4Antibiotics CAS 86393-32-0Bortezomib CAS 179324-69-7Antibiotics CAS 74610-55-2Direct Deal CAS 24279-39-8High efficiency CimetidineAnticoagulants RivaroxabanTrustworthy CAS 19387-91-8White Powder CAS 89604-92-2239463-85-5 with Purity 99%High Quality CAS 24279-39-8Trityl Olmesartan MedoxomilHigh Quality CAS 55112-42-0Immunomodulators 19171-19-8Praziquantel CAS 55268-74-1Rivaroxaban CAS 366789-02-8Direct Deal CAS 147489-06-3vinylidene chloride 75-35-4Theophylline CAS NO 58-55-9Azithromycin CAS 83905-01-5Antihypertensive MedicationGlipizide CAS NO 29094-61-9Tetracyclines CAS 2058-46-04'- Methyl-2- CyanobiphenylHigh quality API 26787-78-0Antibiotics CAS 171228-49-2polypeptide CAS 188627-80-7Apixaban CAS NO 503612-47-3A-Lipoic Acid CAS 1077-28-7Sugar Resistant Lipoic AcidHigh Quality CAS 82248-59-7Veterinary Controlled DrugsLedipasvir CAS 1256388-51-8Candesartan CAS 139481-59-7Silicone Oil CAS 63148-62-9Pharmaceutical IntermediateIntermediate of RivaroxabanHigh Quality CAS 41372-02-5High Quality Sodium HydrideCyclohexane CAS NO 110-82-7Anti Oxidant Boost ImmunityHomopiperazine CAS 505-66-8Antipyretics And AnalgesicsPomalidomide CAS 19171-19-8High volume API 151767-02-1MFCD03425480 CAS 80082-65-1Antagonists CAS 177036-94-1Nebivolol CAS NO 99200-09-6High Quality CAS 68917-18-0Oxytetracycline CAS 79-57-2Food Additives Silicone OilAntibiotics CAS NO 109-01-3Preferential price ApixabanMacrolide Drugs AzithromyciMethotrexate CAS NO 59-05-2High purity CAS 186826-86-8Direct Deal CAS 500011-92-7Anti Inflammatory CompoundsTelmisartan CAS 144701-48-4L-Ascorbic Acid CAS 50-81-7Anastrozole CAS 120511-73-1Tetravirine CAS 269055-15-4Ibuprofen CAS NO 15687-27-1Inflammation CAS NO 53-86-1Triphenyl Methyl OlmesartanHigh Quality CAS 97867-33-9High Quality SulfaguanidineEnrofloxacin CAS 93106-60-6Ivermectin CAS NO 70288-86-7Lenalidomide CAS 191732-72-6Pharmaceutical IntermediatesAvermectin CAS NO 71751-41-2Cyromazine CAS NO 66215-27-8Posaconazole CAS 171228-49-2High quality API 274901-16-5Roxithromycin CAS 80214-83-1Price Inquiry CAS 24280-93-1API Methotrexate CAS 59-05-2High Quality CAS 193149-74-5Velpatasvir CAS 1377049-84-7Extensive Use CAS 63148-62-9Polymer 1 1-DIFLUOROETHYLENEAn Oxidized Polyethylene WaxQuality Assurance CyromazineLetrozole CAS NO 112809-51-5Supply Procaine Penicillin GGenuine Sale CAS 111128-12-2Paracetamol Powder/DC ---APIHigh Quality CAS 446292-07-5Amlodipine CAS NO 88150-42-9Celecoxib CAS NO 169590-42-5Quality assurance OlmesartanValsartan CAS NO 137862-53-4Pharmaceutical Raw MaterialsCimetidine CAS NO 51481-61-9Quality Assurance FudosteineFebuxostat CAS NO144060-53-7Low Price CAS NO 100643-71-81.1-dichloroethylene 75-35-4Price Inquiry CAS 83905-01-5High quality API 183321-74-6Phenylhydrazine CAS 100-63-0Treatment of angina pectorisTinidazole CAS NO 19387-91-8Low Valent MethylcyclohexaneMoxifloxacin CAS 151096-09-2High Quality CAS 183322-17-0High quality API 124750-99-8Bisoprolol CAS NO 66722-44-9Ethyl 6.8-dichloro CaprylateGenuine Sales CAS 55112-42-0Lopinavir CAS NO 192725-17-0Price details ClarithromycinHigh Quality R -LansoprazoleLovastatin CAS NO 75330-75-5Ritonavir CAS NO 155213-67-5Fudosteine CAS NO 13189-98-5Direct Deal Mycophenolic AcidDetergent Powder Raw MaterialGenuine Sales CAS 147489-06-3Polymyxin B sulfate 1405-20-5Dapagliflozin CAS 461432-26-8Antibiotics Cefuroxime sodiumPitavastatin Tert Butyl EsterCephalosporins CAS 56238-63-2High Quality API CAS 103-90-2Sulfaguanidine CAS NO 57-67-0Aminoglycosides CAS 1405-10-3Metamizole Sodium CAS 68-89-3High Quality Avibactam SodiumThe Best Quality Silicone OilCelecoxib Celecoxib CelecoxibIrbesartan CAS NO 138402-11-6Vitamins and Minerals 50-81-7Intermediate for Zopiclone IIMetronidazole CAS NO 443-48-1Antioxidant Hypoglycemic DrugQuality Assurance 103060-53-3Aminoglycosides CAS 1405-41-0Daptomycin CAS NO 103060-53-3High quality Neomycin sulfateSolvents for Synthetic FibersAminophylline CAS NO 317-34-0Iron-dextran CAS NO 9004-66-4Fast Delivery CAS NO 501-94-0Free Sample Dimethyl FumarateCAS 68-19-9 with High QualityPrice Details CAS NO 123-06-8Emtricitabine CAS 143491-57-0Tetramisole CAS NO 14769-73-4Quick results CAS 177325-13-2Spot Commodity CAS 82248-59-7Supply Ampicillin CAS 69-53-4API CAS 71130-06-8/66357-59-3High sales CAS NO 280755-12-6High Quality Stock 24279-39-8Cyclohexanone CAS NO 108-94-1High quality API Iron-dextranBortezomib CAS NO 179324-69-7Glipizide for Type 2 DiabetesLevamlodipine CAS 103129-82-4Macrolide drugs CAS 7704-67-8Flunarizine CAS NO 30484-77-6High purity WST-8 193149-74-5Direct Deal Cefuroxime SodiumAntiviral Drugs EmtricitabineRaw Materials CAS 171596-29-5Direct Deal Metamizole SodiumQuality assurance CAS 58-55-9Ester Compounds CAS 1592-12-7Endocrine Drugs CAS 1115-70-4For the Synthesis of FlucanilTrimethyl Borate CAS 121-43-7High-Purity Mycophenolic AcidLenvatinib CAS NO 417716-92-8Antibiotics Tiamulin FumarateAvibactam Sodium CAS 505-66-8chemical products corporationMMP inhibitors CAS 10592-13-9Intermediate II for ZopicloneAntiparasitic Drugs Ivermectinreducing agent L-Ascorbic acidCAS NO 71130-06-8 / 66357-59-3Veterinary use CAS 104010-37-9Ledipasvir CAS NO 1256388-51-8Antiparasitic Drugs 14769-73-4Preferential Price API AspirinHigh quality API CAS 1405-41-04-Acetamidophenol CAS 103-90-2Oxytetracycline CAS NO 79-57-2Cephalosporins CAS 104376-79-6Tetracycline analogues 79-57-2Penicillins Ampicillin 69-53-4Quality assurance PosaconazoleDimethyl Fumarate CAS 624-49-7Alanine Derivatives SofosbuvirFast Delivery CAS NO 1592-12-7High quality API MetronidazoleNeomycin Sulfate CAS 1405-10-3CAS 42142-52-9 with High SalesSofosbuvir CAS NO 1190307-88-0API Tetramisole CAS 14769-73-4Telmisartan CAS NO 144701-48-4High Quality CAS NO 42142-52-9Synthetic Anti Infective DrugsAnti worm infection 54965-21-8Anti Infective Drugs LopinavirPraziquantel CAS NO 55268-74-1Ambrisentan CAS NO 177036-94-1Cephalosporins CAS 104010-37-9Racecadotril CAS NO 81110-73-8Enrofloxacin CAS NO 93106-60-6Rivaroxaban CAS NO 366789-02-8Antibiotics Gentamycin SulfateHigh Quality Cephazolin SodiumAntibiotic Polymyxin Sulfate BPomalidomide CAS NO 19171-19-8Tetrazole dyes CAS 193149-74-5Methylcyclohexane CAS 108-87-2Quality assurance CAS 605-70-9Silicone Oil CAS NO 63148-62-9Dye intermediates CAS 605-70-96-Naphthalenedicarboxylic acidpharma intermediates companiesChitosan Oligosaccharide (COS)A Large Number of Spot 64-73-3CAS 1077-28-7 DL-Thioctic Acid1-Ethylpiperazine CAS 5308-25-8Antiviral drugs CAS 155213-67-5High Quality CAS NO 111128-12-2Pneumocandin B0 CAS 135575-42-7High Purity Sulfadiazine SodiumHigh Quality 1-MethylpiperazineAntiparasitic drugs AlbendazoleAnti infective Drugs 97867-33-9Vildagliptin CAS NO 274901-16-5High Quality Losartan PotassiumQuinolones Levofloxacin Hydrate1-Methylpiperazine CAS 109-01-3Endocrine Drugs CAS 171596-29-5velpatasvir CAS NO 1377049-84-7Supply Nebivolol CAS 99200-09-6High Quality Steptomycin SulfatMFCD05864420 CAS NO 112811-72-0MFCD06656215 CAS NO 152628-03-0It Has Anti Angiogenic ActivityTylosin Tartrate CAS 74610-55-24- Naphthalenedicarboxylic AcidIntermediate of API 461432-26-8CAS 147489-06-3 with Purity 99%R -Lansoprazole CAS 138530-94-6Effect on convulsion 84057-84-1Sodium hydride CAS NO 7646-69-7Antibiotics Oxytetracycline HClIvermectin with Favorable PriceAntiviral drugs CAS 143491-57-0High quality API CAS 93106-60-6PDE5 Inhibitors CAS 171596-29-5Antibiotics Steptomycin sulfateMethyl ester compounds 624-49-7Phenylhydrazine CAS NO 100-63-0Antiarrhythmic drugs 29122-68-7goods in stock Tylosin TartrateNimustine HCL CAS NO 55661-38-6Roxithromycin CAS NO 80214-83-1Price Inquiry CAS NO 76784-40-2Organic Reagent CAS NO 501-94-01.1.2-Trichloroethan CAS 79-00-5CAS 81110-73-8 with High Quality6R- Tert-Butyl-6- 2-aMinoethyl-2Antipyretic Analgesics IbuprofenHigh Quality Polymyxin B SulfateLoxoprofen Sodium CAS 80382-23-64-Hydroxyphenyl Ethanol 501-94-0Chemical Raw Material FudosteineSupply Eptifibatide Acetate SaltMycophenolic Acid CAS 24280-93-1Factory Direct Selling RitonavirHigh Quality 3-Chloro-1-propanolPvc Solvent Cement Raw Materials3-Chloro-1-propanol CAS 627-30-5Sulfadiazine Sodium CAS 547-32-0Olmesartan Medoxomil 144689-63-4Sales Metronidazole CAS 443-48-1Cephazolin Sodium CAS 27164-46-1Quality Assurance ClarithromycinDesloratadine CAS NO 100643-71-8Clarithromycin CAS NO 81103-11-9High Quality in Stock 86393-32-04 VINYL BENZYL ACETATE 1592-12-7Antiasthmatic Drugs TheophyllineCefotaxime Sodium CAS 64485-93-4Cefuroxime Sodium CAS 56238-63-2Antiparasitic Drugs PraziquantelGentamycin Sulfate CAS 1405-41-0Organometallic Salts Vitamin B12Cyclopropanamine CAS NO 765-30-0Chemical Raw Materials AdditivesTiamulin Fumarate CAS 55297-96-6Levofloxacin hydrate 138199-71-0dapagliflozin CAS NO 461432-26-8Metamizole sodium CAS NO 68-89-3Ethyl 4- 1H-pyrrol-1-yl BenzoateEmtricitabine CAS NO 143491-57-0Antineoplastic drugs AnastrozoleRegulating Blood Sugar 1115-70-4Antiasthmatic drugs CAS 317-34-0A- Lipoic Acid is an AntioxidantAntineoplastic drugs 179324-69-7For Benign Prostatic HyperplasiaSpot Sale of 3-chloro-1-propanolAntipyretic analgesics CelecoxibAntiparasitic drugs CAS 443-48-1Quality Assurance CAS 76784-40-2It Can Be Used for Hypertension.Nrf2 activator Dimethyl fumarateHigh quality API CAS 179324-69-7Preferential price AminophyllineAromatase inhibitors 120511-73-1P-Sulfonamidophenylhydrazine HClTrimethyl borate CAS NO 121-43-7Biological inhibitors 41100-52-1methylpiperazine CAS NO 109-01-3Chemical standard CAS 41372-02-5API Cefuroxime sodium 56238-63-2High sales Tinidazole 19387-91-8Important Chemical Raw MaterialsA large number of spot 3810-74-0Antineoplastic drugs CAS 59-05-2Terazosin Hydrochloride DihydrateCandesartan Cilexetil 145040-37-5Chemical Inhibitor CAS 82248-59-7Biochemical inhibitors LenvatinibFlavoxate Hydrochloride 3717-88-2Quality assurance CAS 503612-47-3A large number of spot 41100-52-11.1-dichloroethene CAS NO 75-35-4Solifenacin Succinate 242478-38-2Inhibition of 5-HT CAS 84057-84-1Polymyxin Sulfate B CAS 1405-20-5Avibactam Sodium CAS 1192491-61-4Adamantine derivatives 41100-52-1Neomycin sulfate CAS NO 1405-10-3High Quality Spot CAS 152628-03-0High quality assurance 81103-11-9Procaine Penicillin G CAS 54-35-3Insecticide Cyromazine 66215-27-8COX inhibitors Flunixin Meglumine2-Methoxy Carbonyl CyclopentanoneP- Sulfonamidophenylhydrazine HClA large number of spot 54965-21-8Penicillins Procaine penicillin GPreferential Price CAS 51481-61-9Chitosan Hydrochloride 70694-72-3Carboxymethyl Chitosan 83512-85-0Important raw materials 1141-38-4Oxytetracycline HCl CAS 2058-46-0CAS 177036-94-1 with High QualityAnti infective Drugs 1377049-84-7A large number of spot 70288-86-7Pharmacopoeia standard 41372-02-5Sartan Series API CAS 114772-38-2Polymyxin B Sulfate CAS 1405-20-5Steptomycin Sulfate CAS 3810-74-0Preferential price CAS 71751-41-2Methyl-(S) -(+)- (2-chlorophenyl)Amino acid drugs CAS 1190307-88-0Erythromycin Thicyanate 7704-67-8High Quality Products 207557-35-5High Quality 4-Ethoxybenzoic AcidHigh Quality 1.1.2-Trichloroethan4-Ethoxybenzoic Acid CAS 619-86-3Vitamins and minerals CAS 50-81-7CAS 144690-33-5 with High QualityAntibiotics Ceftiofur sodium saltHigh Quality Assurance Ledipasvirantibacterial activity 10592-13-9Preferential price CAS 41194-16-5Antipyretic Analgesics 42461-84-7Anti infective Drugs CAS 547-32-0High Quality 1.1-dichloroethyleneBlood system medication 9004-66-4Flunixin Meglumine CAS 42461-84-7Cyclooxygenase inhibitors 103-90-2Sildenafil Citrate CAS 171599-83-0Supply Racecadotril CAS 81110-73-8Antihypertensive drugs 144689-78-1Preferential price CAS 280755-12-6Chemical inorganic salts 7646-69-7Raw Materials for Synthetic FibersOrganic Raw Materials CAS 100-63-0Tylosin Tartrate CAS NO 74610-55-2High quality products VildagliptinBroad spectrum antibiotics 64-75-5Antihypertensive drugs 138402-11-6A large number of spot 104376-79-6High Quality 4-Vinylbenzyl AcetateCeftriaxone Sodium CAS 104376-79-6Antihypertensive drugs 124750-99-8Penicillins Amoxicillin 26787-78-0High Concentration CAS 193149-74-51-Ethylpiperazine CAS NO 5308-25-8Preferential Price CAS NO 605-70-9Proton pump inhibitors 138530-94-6Antihypertensive drugs 144701-48-4Chemical organic reagent 5308-25-8A large number of spot 177036-94-1Pneumocandin B0 CAS NO 135575-42-7Erlotinib Intermediate 183322-17-0Chemical organic reagent 1141-38-4Supply Anastrozole CAS 120511-73-1Supply Ambrisentan CAS 177036-94-1Veterinary use Sulfadiazine sodiumAntiplatelet compounds 188627-80-7For the Synthesis of IntermediatesVeterinary Medicine API 55297-96-6Price details Ibuprofen 15687-27-1Antimicrobial agents CAS 1981-58-4Aminoglycosides Gentamycin SulfateA large number of spot 177325-13-2Methyl A-bromo-2- P-tolyl BenzoateHigh quality spot CAS 1256388-51-8Antiparasitic drugs CAS 14769-73-4Nimustine hydrochloride 55661-38-6Veterinary Medicine CAS 41194-16-5Hot Selling High Quality ValsartanHigh Quality Products CAS 108-87-2Tulathromycin B CAS NO 280755-12-6METHYL CYCLOHEXANE CAS NO 108-87-2Antipyretic analgesics CAS 68-89-3Losartan Potassium CAS 124750-99-8Precursor of tenofovir 379270-37-8Antipyretic analgesics CAS 50-78-2Preferential price CAS 379270-37-8Montelukast Sodium CAS 151767-02-1Respiratory medication CAS 317-34-0Used for Manufacturing CyclohexanolMycophenolic Acid CAS NO 24280-93-14-Hydroxyphenethyl alcohol 501-94-0Raw Materials For Chemical IndustryBlood system medication 366789-02-8High Purity Nimustine HydrochlorideN-iodosuccinimide with High QualityRaw Materials for Plastics IndustryVeterinary Medicine Tulathromycin B1 1-DIFLUOROETHYLENE CAS 24937-79-9A large number of spot 1377049-84-7Anti trematode drugs CAS 55268-74-1Penicillin G Potassium CAS 113-98-43-dioxane-4-acetate CAS 125995-13-3Respiratory medication Theophylline4-vinylbenzyl Acetate CAS 1592-12-7Poly vinylidene fluoride 24937-79-9High Quality Penicillin G PotassiumRegulating endocrine CAS 56180-94-0High-Purity Intermediate MevastatinMacrolide Antibiotics RoxithromycinLow Price Tinidazole CAS 19387-91-8Tetramethylpyrazine CAS 848645-86-3Phosphodiesterase 5 PDE5 InhibitorsDrugs for nervous system 84057-84-1Anti inflammatory drugs 169590-42-5high quality Antibiotics AmpicillinBiochemical engineering 188627-80-7Antipyretic analgesics CAS 103-90-2Antiasthmatic drugs CAS 151767-02-14-Hydrazinobenzene-1 CAS 17852-52-7Antibiotics Enrofloxacin 93106-60-6Factory Direct Selling CAS 121-43-7Anthelmintic Albendazole 54965-21-8Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride hydrateAntibiotics Erythromycin ThicyanateAntifungal Posaconazole 171228-49-2CAS 379270-37-8 with The Best Priceantiangiogenic agent CAS 19171-19-8Sulfadiazine sodium CAS NO 547-32-0Antiarrhythmic drugs CAS 66722-44-9Protein tyrosine kinase 417716-92-8Flavoxate Hydrochloride Drugs for PD4-Hydroxyphenyl Ethanol CAS 501-94-0Olmesartan Medoxomil CAS 144689-63-4Antineoplastic drugs CAS 183321-74-6It is Used to Synthesize RivaroxabanTert-buthyl Pitavastatin 586966-54-3Hot Selling High Quality TelmisartanFlunixin Meglumine CAS NO 42461-84-7High Quality Poly(vinylene Fluoride)Levofloxacin Hydrate CAS 138199-71-0Anti infective Drugs CAS 192725-17-0Pharmaceutical Chemicals 898543-06-1Used for Manufacturing CyclohexanoneQuality Assurance CAS NO 500011-92-7Factory Direct Sales CAS 503612-47-3Large Quantity Theophylline in StockChemical Raw Material CAS 89604-92-24-Ethoxybenzoic Acid CAS NO 619-86-3Antineoplastic drugs CAS 112809-51-5Cephalosporins Ceftiofur Sodium SaltTrustworthy Ranitidine hydrochlorideAntioxidant α-Lipoic Acid 1077-28-7Chemical Products CAS NO 112811-72-0Antineoplastic Drugs CAS 183322-17-0Top Quality Rivaroxaban IntermediateRespiratory Medication AminophyllineHigh Quality White Powder LamotrigineFlavoxate Hydrochloride CAS 3717-88-2Drugs for digestive system 51481-61-9Chemical Raw Materials CAS 70694-72-3Chitosan Hydrochloride CAS 70694-72-3Ethoxymethylenemalononitrile 123-06-8Ethoxymethylenemalononitrile 505-66-8Ceftiofur Sodium Salt CAS 104010-37-9Demecycline Hydrochloride CAS 64-73-3Sildenafil Citrate CAS NO 171599-83-0Carboxymethyl Chitosan CAS 83512-85-0Broad spectrum antibiotics 97867-33-9Chemical raw materials CAS 70288-86-7Selective Xanthine Oxidase InhibitorsSolifenacin Succinate CAS 242478-38-2Beta adrenoceptor blockers 99200-09-6Chemical organic reagent CAS 121-43-7Treatment of Myocardial InsufficiencyLipid Regulating Drugs CAS 73573-88-3Antipyretic analgesics CAS 15687-27-1High Quality Intermediates BisoprololTenofovir Alafenamide CAS 379270-37-8Metformin Hydrochloride CAS 1115-70-4Candesartan Cilexetil CAS 145040-37-5Pharmacopoeia Standard CAS 41372-02-5Lipid Lowering Carboxymethyl ChitosanChemical pesticide technical 765-30-0High Quality Rosuvastatin Ethyl EsterPreferential Price CAS NO 135575-42-7Antipyretic analgesics CAS 42461-84-7Plant Extracts Carboxymethyl ChitosanHigh Quality Ranitidine HydrochlorideFactory Sales High Quality CandesartanTetracycline Hydrochloride CAS 64-75-5Memantine Hydrochloride CAS 41100-52-1Important reducing agent CAS 7646-69-7Pharmaceutical Intermediate 55112-42-0Nimustine Hydrochloride CAS 55661-38-6Florfenicol CAS 73231-34-2 for Animals5.6-Dimethoxy-1-indanone CAS 2107-69-9Indometacin Antipyretic and AnalgesicsAntibiotics Levofloxacin hydrochloridePharmaceutical Intermediates 2538-50-3Telmisartan Impurity 2 CAS 152628-02-9Sofifenacin Succinate is an AntagonistT56 BVNVJ C1YQ1MRD- AT6NVDOTJ &&R FormHigh Quality Demecycline HydrochlorideAntagonist Candesartan CAS 139481-59-7pharmaceutical intermediates 5308-25-8Good Quality and Low Price 111128-12-2Low Price and High Quality VelpatasvirPoly(vinylene Fluoride) CAS 24937-79-9Antibiotics Cephalosporins 104376-79-6Antibiotics Tetracycline HydrochlorideAnti Inflammatory Compounds LoxoprofenSynthetic Anti Infective Drugs 57-67-0Tinib antineoplastic drugs 183321-74-6Inhibition of gastric acid 138530-94-6High efficiency Penicillin G potassiumHigh Quality Mevastatin CAS 73573-88-3Penicillin family antibiotics 113-98-4Genuine Sales Ezetimibe Intermediate-5A Large Number of Spot PhenylhydrazineDrugs for digestive system 138530-94-6Respiratory medication CAS 151767-02-1Middle spectrum antibiotics 26787-78-02 6-dichloro-4-TrifluoromethyllanilineHigh Quality Atomoxetine HydrochlorideFlunarizine Dihydrochloride 30484-77-6High quality inhibitors CAS 379270-37-8Ethyl 6.8-dichloro Caprylate 41443-60-1Tetramethylpyrazine TetramethylpyrazineHigh Purity Azithromycin CAS 83905-01-5Atorvastatin Acetonide Tert-Butyl EsterHigh-Purity Intermediate HomopiperazinePharmaceutical Intermediate 239463-85-5High Purity and High Quality EtravirineChemical pesticide technical 66215-27-8Supply from Large Factories CAS 75-35-4Pharmaceutical Intermediates 70694-72-3Genuine Direct Selling Avibactam SodiumA large number of spot Trimethyl borate4-Hydroxyphenyl Ethanol CAS NO 501-94-0Chemical Pesticide Technical 24279-39-8High Quality Moxifloxacin HydrochlorideA Large Number of Spot CyclopropanamineTrityl Olmesartan Medoxomil 144690-92-6DONEPEZIL HYDROCHLORIDE CAS 110119-84-1Genuine Direct Selling CAS 1192491-61-4Biological inhibitors CAS NO 503612-47-3Tert-Buthyl Pitavastatin CAS 586966-54-3Pharmaceutical Intermediates 446292-08-6Chemical raw materials CAS NO 80214-83-13-CarbaMoyl Mehyl-5-Methyl Hexanoic AcidAntibiotic compounds Levofloxacin hydratCirculation system medication 99200-09-6Synthetic anti infective Drugs 1981-58-4Price details Moxifloxacin HydrochlorideHighly Effective Antibiotics CAS 64-73-3High quality veterinary drugs 41194-16-5Rosuvastatin Ethyl Ester CAS 851443-04-4Organic and Pharmaceutical IntermediatesThird generation antibiotics 104376-79-6High quality veterinary drugs 55297-96-6Circulation system medication 66722-44-9Highly effective inhibitors 1256388-51-8Sulfamethazine Sodium Salt CAS 1981-58-4Highly effective inhibitors 1190307-88-0Pharmaceutical Intermediates 110119-84-1Synthetic anti infective Drugs RitonavirDoxycycline Hydrochloride CAS 10592-13-9Ezetimibe Intermediate-5 CAS 189028-93-1β 1-adrenoceptor antagonists 29122-68-7Telmisartan Intermediate CAS 152628-03-0Circulation System Medication LovastatinPharmaceutical Intermediates 239463-85-5Flunarizine is a Calcium Channel BlockerHerbicide intermediates CyclopropanaminePreferential Price and Quality AssurancePharmaceutical Intermediates 500011-92-7Regulating Blood Lipid CAS NO 75330-75-5Antibiotic Polymyxin Sulfate B 1405-20-5pharmaceutical intermediates 461432-26-8Rivaroxaban Intermediate CAS 898543-06-1Supply N-iodosuccinimide CAS 1192491-61-4Lipid regulating drugs CAS NO 274901-16-5High Quality Pharmaceutical Intermediatespharmaceutical intermediates CAS 113-98-4Circulation system medication 144689-78-1Treatment of hypertension CAS 137862-53-4Anti Inflammatory Drugs Loxoprofen SodiumCirculation system medication 137862-53-4High Quality EthoxymethylenemalononitrileHigh Quality Genuine Products CAS 75-35-44-sulfamidophenyl Hydrazine HydrochlorideRaw Materials ForHIV Treatmen Tetravirine5.6-Dimethoxy-1-indanone CAS NO 2107-69-94'-Methyl-2-cyanobiphenyl CAS 114772-53-1High Quality Ethyl 6.8-dichloro CaprylateBacteriostatic antibiotics CAS 55297-96-6Apramycin Sulphate Soluble CAS 41194-16-5Eptifibatide Acetate Salt CAS 188627-80-7Circulation system medication 144701-48-4High-Purity Intermediate Avibactam SodiumIntermediate of Loxoprofen CAS 10472-24-9High-Purity Nimustine HCL Powder in StockAPI Erythromycin Thicyanate CAS 7704-67-8Intermediate of Antidepressant FluoxetineHigh-Quality Ethyl 6.8-dichloro CaprylateHormonal antineoplastic drugs 112809-51-5Hormonal antineoplastic drugs 120511-73-1Ethoxymethylenemalononitrile CAS 123-06-84- Hydrazinobenzenesulfonamide 27918-19-0The Price is Favorable 3-dioxane-4-acetateTrityl Olmesartan Medoxomil CAS144690-92-6Preferential Price DONEPEZIL HYDROCHLORIDEIndomethacin 53-86-1 for Anti InflammationAntiphlogistic and Antipyretic CAS 53-86-1Synthetic anti infective Drugs 138199-71-0High Quality 4-HydrazinobenzenesulfonamideLow Price and High Quality PhenylhydrazineMoxifloxacin Hydrochloride CAS 186826-86-86-Carboxy -4-methyl-2 -propylbenzimidazoleAnti infective raw materials EmtricitabineLevofloxacin Hydrochloride CAS 177325-13-2Hot Selling High Quality Montelukast SodiumChemical Organic Raw Materials CAS 108-87-2Pharmaceutical Intermediates CAS 42142-52-9Rivaroxaban Intermediate 2 CAS 1252018-10-2R- --3-carbamoymethyl-5-methylhexanoic AcidIntermediate of Rivaroxaban CAS 898543-06-1Low Price and High Quality CyclopropanamineRosuvastatin Ethyl Ester CAS NO 851443-04-4Demeclocycline Hydrochloride CAS NO 64-73-3[(2-(2-thienyl)amino] Acetate HydrochlorideDrug Substance Antibiotics Tylosin TartrateCAS 144690-33-5 Pharmaceutical IntermediateSulfamethazine sodium salt CAS NO 1981-58-4Pharmaceutical Intermediates CAS 147489-06-3Quality Assurance Sulfamethazine Sodium SaltTerazosin Hydrochloride Dihydrate 70024-40-7Pharmaceutical Intermediates CAS 446292-07-5High Quality 4-Vinylbenzyl Acetate 1592-12-7Methyl A-bromo-2-p-tolylbenzoate 114772-38-2Pharmaceutical Intermediates CAS 446292-08-6Olmesartan Medoxomil is a Receptor InhibitorFactory Outlet 4-HydrazinobenzenesulfonamideCiprofloxacin Lactate Soluble CAS 97867-33-9Pharmaceutical Intermediates CAS 135575-42-7Ethyl 4- 1H-pyrrol-1-yl Benzoate 144690-33-52-Methoxy Carbonyl Cyclopentanone 10472-24-92.5-Bis (2.2.2-trifluoroethoxy) Benzoic AcidErlotinib Intermediate IV CAS NO 183322-17-0pharmaceutical intermediates methylpiperazineHigh Quality Methyl A-bromo-2-p-tolylbenzoateImportant Raw Materials for Plastics IndustryCardiovascular Drugs Tert-Buthyl PitavastatinPharmaceutical Intermediates CAS 1252018-10-2Moxifloxacin Hydrochloride CAS NO 186826-86-8Flunarizine Dihydrochloride CAS NO 30484-77-6Raw Materials of Chemical Products 64485-93-4High Quality 2. 6-Naphthalenedicarboxylic AcidRegulating Blood Sugar Metformin HydrochloridePharmaceutical Intermediates CAS NO 76784-40-2High Quality API Ciprofloxacin Lactate Soluble4-4-Fluorobenzoyl Butyric Acid CAS 189028-93-1Pharmaceutical Intermediates 1-Ethylpiperazine3R-3-2-Amino-2 -oxoethyl-5-methylhexanoic AcidA large number of spot Ranitidine hydrochloride2.5-Bis (2.2.2-trifluoroethoxy) Phenyl EthanoneBiological inhibitors doxycycline hydrochloride2-4-Bromomethylphenylpropionic Acid 111128-12-2High-Purity Intermediate Nis. N-IodosuccinimideClassification of Chemical Products 177325-13-2Antibiotics Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride HydratePharmaceutical Intermediates CAS NO 239463-85-52S-1 - Chloroacetyl -2- PyrrolidinecarbonitrileChemical Catalysts and Additives CAS 24937-79-9Pharmaceutical Intermediates CAS NO 207557-35-5Biochemical Inhibitors Doxycycline Hydrochloride2-Methoxy Carbonyl Cyclopentanone CAS 10472-24-9Synthesis of Novel Sartan Antihypertensive DrugsTop Quality White Powder Memantine HydrochlorideTerazosin Hydrochloride Dihydrate CAS 70024-40-73-Amino-2-methyl-4-oxoazetidine-1- Sulfonic AcidBiochemical Raw Materials Carboxymethyl ChitosanHigh Quality Penicillin G Benzathine TetrahydrateChitosan Oligosaccharide (COS) CAS NO 148411-57-8High Quality Atomoxetine Hydrochloride 82248-59-7Atorvastatin Acetonide Tert-ButylEster125971-95-1Pharmaceutical Intermediates Solifenacin SuccinatePreferential Price and Quality Assurance 1405-10-3
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